Home Beautiful, 2023

Home Beautiful, brought to you by Waterford Beautification runs from June - September 2023. Let's acknowledge the properties in our community that lend to the beautiful landscape that make our community an attractive and desirable place to live! This is open to ALL Waterford Residents. Nominations open the first of the month for that month (June - September) Nominate your own or someone else using the Home Beautiful nomination form. Owners agree to the nomination and to allow for public display of property via social media, print, tv, etc. Include pictures of the property (before and after if applicable) and a [...]

Lynch 250 at Celebrate Waterford

The Lynch 250 is a 3-wheeled cycle race that will run on Main St. from 3rd St. to Milwaukee St. in Waterford. This a fast-paced, fun-filled, rowdy race for a 2-5 person team. This is a great way to promote your organization, church, business, or school. Families should consider entering as well. Place prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Registering for the race is easy. This is a double-elimination race and will be bracketed ahead of time. We are accepting a $40 donation to help with prizes, but it is not required to enter the race. Download the complete rules here: Lynch [...]

Celebrate Waterford

Celebrate Waterford is an annual celebration of all things Waterford, WI! Mostly we are celebrating our community and all the wonderful things within our community. The restaurants, the shops, the artisans, and musicians, and the people! Celebrate Waterford runs from 10 am - 10 pm, with so much to do and see for the whole family! Find all the information regarding this great community event here: celebratewaterford.com