Waterford Beautification


Waterford Beautification Celebrates 5 Years! Waterford Beautification was started 5 years ago by local resident Angionette Hansen.  Angionette loves the outdoors and hiking on all the great trails we have here in our community- but she started to notice that these beautiful areas were becoming less attractive due to litter.  Instead of ignoring the problem and figuring it was someone else's "problem",  Angionette got to work organizing and instituting Waterford Beautification Day. On a Saturday in April, as close to Earth Day as she can get, A day is set aside for all residents to [...]

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Waterford’s Annual Tractorcade


Autumn awesomeness abounds in Waterford   By Maureen Vander Sanden Explore Waterford volunteer   Waterford’s annual tractorcade will roll through town Sunday, Oct. 3, departing from Whitford Park at 9 a.m., before hitting 30 miles of colorful countryside in collaboration with the Lions Club of Waterford’s Chicken BBQ. The brainchild of retired farmer Jerry Weinkauf and Lion Gary Tilleros, the tractorcade tradition began in 2009 to complement the Lion’s long-running, signature cookout fundraiser. The tractor display has been a “win-win” according to Tilleros, who said it provides an attraction to the event and boosts community pride in its agricultural attributes. For [...]

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