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PHONE: 262-514-2111
ADDRESS: 6233 Durand Ave., Suite 102-3 Mt Pleasant, WI 53406


A passion for learning, serving and sharing has supported my clients, associates, friends and family for more than thirty years. With extensive corporate, private and non-profit experience, my network and knowledge base reach most regions and sectors of our economy. A sense of humor, extreme attention to detail, creative problem solving, and a tenacity to probe beyond first impressions, nurtures my personal and business relationships.
Leading projects and developing people has been a focus of my professional and private life since middle school. Always open to new challenges and adventures, I have lived, worked, played and studied across the US and in Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Columbia, Ireland, Scotland, England and France.
After 20+ years of senior leadership in manufacturing and logistics, my focus changed to family, local organizations and education.
Real estate and property management have been a common theme over the years, I have owned rental and vacation property, my family owns single family, condo and multiple family properties. Becoming a licensed real estate agent and joining Keller Williams, allows me to serve even more clients with buying, selling or investing dreams. Embracing the KW systems, training and culture empowers all of us to live amazing lives.
I currently reside in Waterford WI with my husband Dave and our twin boys Jon and Shawn, Lexi and Clayton both live in Central Illinois.

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