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Econoprint Has New Owner


Exciting Opportunity for Long-Time Employees Contact: Christine Repischak  Phone: 262-898-4101  Email:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 27, 2021 Long-Time Employees Purchase Econoprint of Racine  Racine, Wisconsin—After being with Econoprint of Racine for 32 years (seven of those years serving as  the owner), Mike Hart sold the company to long-time employees Caleb Hart and Adam Olson.  “This is a very exciting opportunity for them,” Hart expressed, when asked his thoughts about the new  owners. “With their combined experience, Caleb and Adam will grow into their new roles and I am  confident Econoprint will continue to succeed [...]

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Plastic Recycling Project Ends


Lions’ TREX Plastic Recycle Project Ends A highly successful local plastic recycle project closes on December 31st.  Through a huge effort, a group of service organizations have collected thousands of pounds of plastic that would otherwise have gone to a landfill. Instead, the recycled plastic will return to our community as TREX benches. From the Beginning In April 2019, the Lions Club of Waterford initiated a TREX Recycle project.  The plan, set in motion by Lions Cindy Lotzer, Darrell McCullion and Guy Bristow, was to collect 500 pounds of plastic (about 40,500 plastic bags) in exchange for TREX [...]

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