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    Long-Time Employees Purchase Econoprint of Racine 

    Racine, Wisconsin—After being with Econoprint of Racine for 32 years (seven of those years serving as  the owner), Mike Hart sold the company to long-time employees Caleb Hart and Adam Olson. 

    “This is a very exciting opportunity for them,” Hart expressed, when asked his thoughts about the new  owners. “With their combined experience, Caleb and Adam will grow into their new roles and I am  confident Econoprint will continue to succeed under their leadership.” 

    Since 1998, Caleb Hart has worked for Econoprint in many capacities including digital print operator,  finishing and mailing specialist, advancing steadily over the years to production manager. “I am looking  forward to this next stage of my career and the new challenges it brings,” Caleb stated regarding his new  role as a co-owner. He continues to manage production, overseeing the staff and ensuring timeliness  and quality of projects. He looks forward to helping Econoprint grow and finding new innovative ways to  optimize their production process. 

    Adam Olson started with Econoprint in 1997 as a delivery driver, but quickly moved through the ranks  and within a few years was overseeing the pre-press department, IT and network infrastructure.  “Econoprint has been a great company to work for all these years, and we have a great team,” Adam  stated. “I am excited to have the opportunity to continue what we have built under Mike Hart’s  leadership, and to keep the company moving forward.” While continuing to perform his existing  responsibilities, he works on equipment and technology acquisition, marketing efforts and overall  company direction. 

    Even with this change in ownership, Econoprint is still locally owned and operated. They will continue to  provide the high-quality printing services their customers have come to know and trust for more than 50  years. 

    About Econoprint 

    Econoprint is the evolution of 50 years of fast turnaround commercial printing. They offer a full range of  services to cover every aspect of printed communication, from graphic design and prepress through  printing, finishing, mailing and fulfillment.

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