Lions’ TREX Plastic Recycle Project Ends

A highly successful local plastic recycle project closes on December 31st.  Through a huge effort, a group of service organizations have collected thousands of pounds of plastic that would otherwise have gone to a landfill. Instead, the recycled plastic will return to our community as TREX benches.

From the Beginning

In April 2019, the Lions Club of Waterford initiated a TREX Recycle project.  The plan, set in motion by Lions Cindy Lotzer, Darrell McCullion and Guy Bristow, was to collect 500 pounds of plastic (about 40,500 plastic bags) in exchange for TREX donating a bench to the Village of Waterford.

Having success with their initial efforts, the Lions Club extended an invitation for other service organizations and youth groups to join the plastic recycling project.  Those getting involved included the Waterford Lioness, Boy Scout Troop 338, Absolutely Waterford, St Thomas Knights of Columbus, Cub Scout Pack 324, VFW Post 11038, and Waterford Chamber/Explore Waterford. These organizations were aided by numerous local businesses and individuals getting involved in the collection of plastic.

Another important player in the project was the Waterford Pick ‘N Save where Kimberly Verburgt, Store Director, served as a contact for the club during the delivery of the plastic to the store. From there the plastic is taken to the Pick ‘N Save Warehouse where TREX picks it up.

Now 20 months later, over 10,000 pounds of plastic has been collected for recycling and a total of 20 benches will be available for distribution in our community.  In addition to supporting recycling at the community level, this also was being done in support of one of Lions International’s Global Causes, the Environment.  

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